Custom Replies and Custom Fields

Guesty enables you to customize all of your outgoing messages as well as customizing your listings fields. All of the customizations are performed either on an account level or per listing.


Custom Variables

Custom variables are a way to include dynamic data into an Automated Message. They enable you to send the same template to different guests, even if information changes from one reservation/listing to another (such as the guest name, listing address and more).


Create a template

Dynamic Variables for the "Next Reservation"

These variables can be useful in cases where you wish to send an automated message to a cleaner that should know how many beds to make, or if you wish to know when is the next check-in and for how long.

Create a "Next Reservation" template

Custom Fields

Custom Fields give you the ability to use your own pieces of information as variables. The information shown in these variables is based on the data you've inserted into your custom fields, be it on the listing or reservation level. 

Customize your fields

Saved Replies

Saved Replies are pre-written responses that can be used in recurrent situations throughout the Guesty platform. They can be applied to messages with a guest via the Guesty Inbox.

Improve your Saved Replies



Setting a default value for Reservation Custom Fields

Custom fields can be created for either listings or reservations. The biggest difference between listing custom fields and reservation ones is the frequency of updating them.

For example, a listing custom field of listing's owner can be set up once, whilst a reservation's custom field check-in procedure or a guest's flight information will be updated for every reservation.