Base Price VS. Daily Price

The base price is not the same as the daily prices you see on the calendar.

Base Price

The base price is more for marketing purposes. It is the lowest price your rates can go for (unless using smart pricing tools).


Also, the base price are the prices that are set initially when creating your listing for the first time. When creating a new listing, you set a base price, and your calendar dates are priced accordingly. 

After the initial setup, changing the base price will not have the same effect, it will not change your entire calendar automatically, as it did the first time you used it.


Daily Price 

In order to change the daily prices:

  1. Go to the Multi-Calendar or the specific listing's calendar
  2. Clicking on any date
  3. Choosing the date range you would like to change the pricing for
  4. Changing the prices.
  5. Click Save

Whenever adding a new listing, you must set up the base price AND the daily rates.