Marketing Channels (Listed/Unlisted)

The Marketing Channels toggle allows you to control which channel the listing is published in.


If the Listed toggle is Off, the listing won't be published on any market.

Each channel will be affected differently when taking the listing off the channel's market:


This listing will be unlisted, thus unviewable and unsearchable by potential guests. Guesty will still continue to manage already-existing reservations (as long as the listing is active, of course).

Rentals United

The listing status will be 'Not ready to connect', hence will not be viewable in the channels or able to connect to any new channel. 

Published Listing

  • The status on will change to 'Closed', which will block the listing's calendar, meaning the listing will not be available and will not show up in the search results. 
  • Once listed again, we will push the listing to and update the availability.
  • If you unlist the listing on and not Guesty, Guesty will override the request, and the listing will still be listed.

Linked Listing

  • In order to unlist a linked listing, you must unlist the listing via Extranet. Unlisting from Guesty will have no effect on in this type of connection, meaning the listing will still be available and show up in search results.