Google Analytics for your booking website

Integrating with Google Analytics will give you the capability to measure website traffic and understand your visitors behavior.

As the saying goes, “If you can't measure it, you can't improve it”.

This integration is useful for all property managers and vacation rental owners who want to increase their reservations by identifying working strategies and "doubling down" on them.

Using Google Analytics will allow you to easily identify:

  • Which listings have the best conversion rates
  • Which listings are visited online but not booked
  • Where are visitors coming from geographically
  • Which traffic sources are bringing in more bookings

Set up Google Analytics

  1. Register an account with Google Analytics
  2. Get your Tracking Code.
  3. Go to your Guesty Booking Website configuration and paste the Tracking Code under Google Analytics.

Now you can see real-time visitors in Google Analytics and also analyze historical data through the Google Analytics dashboard.


Advanced Conversion & Goal Tracking

Conversion tracking is essential when you need detailed information about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. For example, when driving paid advertising traffic to the booking website, when you are focusing on SEO, or when doing marketing campaigns in social networks.

This helps you understand which traffic sources bring in more reservations.

To set it up

  1. Create a goal from a Template in Google Analytics
  2. Select the Revenue: Reservations  
  3. Set it up as Type: Destination
  4. Goal details:
    1. Select Regular Expression option
    2. Copy and paste this value for final destination: &reservationFlow=successScreen_Shot_2018-08-01_at_17.10.15.png


Optional: the Funnel Option
Turning funnel on, lets you visualize your booking funnel to understand in which step your visitors are leaving your website.

Add funnel step:

  1. Turn on the funnel option
  2. Under Name enter "View Listing"
  3. Under Screen/Page enter /listings/[0-9a-z]+.*
  4. Mark the step as Required
  5. Click Add Another Step
  6. Under Name enter "View Reservation Form"
  7. Under Screen/Page enter /listings/[0-9a-z]+/book.*


  8. Click Save
  9. Test the flow and see all your reports in Google Analytics


GPDR compliant

Guesty Booking Website is GDPR compliant and so is the Google Analytics integration.