Expedia via Rentals United FAQs

Expedia communication with guests

Due to some recent communication changes Expedia rolled out on their platform, communications with their guests through any PMS can be tricky, here is the situation and how to go solve it.

As you know, guests are not obligated to leave their email when booking through Expedia. This is why the first thing we advise you to do, is to contact your Expedia account manager or Expedia support and ask to make it mandatory for your guests to leave their emails when booking.

Guests not entering their email can cause a few communication issues: 

If a reservation with no guest email arrives at Guesty

This needs to be rectified, in order to send an AutoMessages of course, but it also affects your communication with those guests: if their message is sent from the Expedia communication center, you will not see it in your Guesty Inbox (but will see it in your private email) and we will not send messages OUT to the Expedia communication system (as we won't have any email to send it to).

If the guest's private guest email is set in Guesty

You will be able to communicate with the guest via email, send all the automated messages, etc. But if the guest writes directly from the Expedia communication center, we can not add it to our inbox either. You'd have to correspond with the guest through your email.

If an Expedia "proxy" email ( a unique email it assigns each guest) is set as the guest email in Guesty

We will not be able to send messages to that proxy email and automated messages and any message sent through our Inbox will NOT get to the guest! However, every message sent by the guest will be added to your Inbox, so this is confusing.

What to do?

All the issues above can be solved in two simple steps:

  1. Ask the guest for their private email via SMS or directly through the Expedia communication center and set it as the primary (Star) email of the guest. This way you will be able to send messages to the guest normally.
  2. Add the "proxy" email as a guest email (but not as the primary). This way our system will add the messages from the guest to the Inbox, so you can see all the communication, but when you will answer it, it will show directly in the guest's private email, not the Expedia communication center.

This flow will allow you to receive all communication and reply with the minimum effort until we work on simplifying matters even more for you.



How should I set up the taxes in Expedia?

The tax values should be the same values that you have set up in Guesty.