Wheelhouse helps you manage your short-term rentals as professionally and efficiently as major hotels—from understanding performance to better nightly pricing.

When syncing prices, it can take up to 10 minutes before the new prices will show in the channels.

Setting up Wheelhouse in Guesty

  1. Create an account in Wheelhouse.
  2. Log into Guesty and go to Account > Integration 
  3. In the Marketplace select Wheelhouse
  4. Click Connect
  5. Copy the API Token that was generated screenshot-app.guesty.com-2018.08.19-16-58-04.png
  6. Login to Wheelhouse
  7. Go to Connect a listing on the upper right corner.
  8. Select Guesty 
  9. Copy the API token and click Connect
  10. Import your listings
  11. Activate Wheelhouse pricing

When you turn off Wheelhouse Pricing, we'll restore all your daily prices to what they were prior to connecting to Wheelhouse.

Any questions?