Airbnb Upgraded Integration- Listings Management

This article is relevant only to the upgraded Airbnb integration.

Find out which Airbnb integration you have, and what are the differences between the standard and upgraded integrations.

In the Listings Management page, you can see listings and the accounts they are connected to. You can filter freely to see listings in specific accounts or listings with a certain status, or even use the search button to search listings by name/ID/account/address. You can also publish listings to Airbnb using the publish button at the top right.

The listing table consists of 3 sections:

  • Left: info in Guesty.
  • Middle: info on the channel
  • Right: listing's statuses.


When you enter the Listings Management page by clicking an account, the list will be filtered to only that account’s listing. Use the filters to see any data you’d like.

Listings status


Listings that were successfully synced with Airbnb. If the listing's status is 'Connected', updates and data will be pushed from Guesty to Airbnb and vice versa.


Listings that are currently in the process of syncing. The syncing process usually takes up to a few minutes (or hours if the servers are busy). Once the process is done, the status will change to ‘Connected’.


Listings that failed to sync. See the reason for the failure to the right of the status.

Not Connected

Listings that exist in Airbnb and are ready to be imported to Guesty. If the listing's status is 'Not Connected', updates won't be pushed from Guesty to Airbnb and vice versa.




Publishing and importing listings