Rentals United Integration - FAQs


My guest's messages do not show in Guesty!

If this is happening to you, make sure that the RU integration email (found under Dashboard > Account > Integrations > RU) is the email filled in the channel itself as the communications' main email. This email needs to be in the account and in the individual listing, too.

To further explain, this is the essence of the connection, of the integration. If you put your regular, private email address, then how will the Guesty inbox get any messages? How will Guesty even know? Exactly :) That email above is what enables the carryover of messages and data from one channel to another and that is why it is mandatory to put it in.


How often does Guesty sync bookings to RU

Guesty sync all bookings and calendar updates in real time in all channels.

How to avoid double bookings when using Guesty and RU?

When we get a reservation from any channel we will automatically block the reservation dates across all other connected channels, by that ensuring that double bookings are nor created.

We also strongly recommend you update your calendar directly in Guesty and avoid direct changes in the channels themselves.

In the unlikely scenario in which you encounter a double booking, please contact our Support Team.

Do manual reservations (offline) appear in the different channels?

Adding manual reservations in Guesty has no representation in any booking channel. They will simply show blocked dates. These reservations only exist in your Guesty dashboard.

A reservation from the channel does not show in Guesty?
  1. Make sure that the Guesty<>RU integration is viable by logging in successfully to RU.
  2. Once in RU, see if the reservation is there.
  3. If it is in RU but not in Guesty, please contact our support team.
  4. If it is not in RU, then please turn to RU's support and to the channel's support, to see why the sync had failed between the two.

**Guesty pulls the reservation from RU and not directly from the channel.

Why can't I cancel a channel's reservation from Guesty?

It is currently not possible to cancel a reservation through Guesty for any channel. Kindly do so through the channel itself. Each channel has its own repercussions.

My reservation from a channel got canceled, how much will Guesty charge me?

Please read about Guesty's cancellation policy.

I need to adjust a reservation, but I can’t find where/how to edit it in Guesty

Currently, only Manual and HomeAway reservations can be altered directly from Guesty (altering dates or statuses). To change a reservation's listing in Guesty (relocate the guest) go to the Reservations page and click on the desired reservation.


  1. Reservation cancellation

    In the reservation page, Guesty supports cancellation of HomeAway reservations via Rentals United and manually created ones only. This means that if you cancel a HomeAway reservation in Guesty, it'll be correctly updated in RU and HomeAway.
    In order to cancel a reservation set the status dropdown to canceled.


  2. Change Listing for a Reservation

    You can assign the reservation to a different listing. Only in Homeaway will this be reflected. The rest of the channels will only get blocked dates and not a reservation, in the new listing.

    We will update the reservation in Rentals United and HomeAway to reflect the change. It's inadvisable to assign a listing which is not connected to Rentals United and HomeAway since the change will not be reflected in HomeAway. This means that the reservation will remain booked in HomeAway and both listings will be blocked in Guesty, Rentals United and HomeAway.

  3. Alter dates for a reservation

    Guesty does not support date alterations for HomeAway reservations in the Guesty dashboard.

    However, you can alter reservation dates in Rentals United. Your Guesty dashboard will be updated with the changes made in Rentals United on an hourly basis.


The reservation's financials are not identical in Guesty to what they are in the channel!

First, make sure that the values are identical in Guesty and in the channel itself. For example, if the cleaning fee in Guesty is $80 but in the channel is $50- the discrepancy will be created.

If you see that Guesty charged the cleaning fee twice, please go to Account>Integrations>RU and check if you have set up the cleaning fee correctly in the bottom toggling table.

Read more about Guesty's financials features.
Why was a reservation confirmed even though the guest's card got declined?

There is no connection between a reservation's status and whether the guest's card went through or not. Even if a payment by a guest fails, the reservation will still flow to Guesty as confirmed by channels that are instant booking ( etc). The Status of a reservation (confirmed, canceled, declined etc) is not related to the guest's credit card going through or not. This is why automessages can still go out to confirmed reservations go through even if the guest's payment fails.

Best Practice is to not send check-in instructions upon confirmation, only a day or so before check-in, to give you time to bill your guests.

Please go over this short article (mainly the last part of it) and see if it helps.

Where do I add taxes in Guesty?

Taxes are configured either on an account level (Account > System Settings > Financials) which applies to all listings. You can also configure taxes specifically for a listing (Listing > Settings). You can read further in this help center article.

Do I need to add the same taxes in RU? if yes, why?

Guesty always pushes your tax configuration to RU, therefore you do not need to configure taxes at RU.

For HomeAway and VRBO, the rates and taxes must be configured directly in Guesty. Guesty will feed over rates and taxes through RU and onto HomeAway/VRBO.

Password Change

If I change my password in RU, where do I update it in Guesty?

After changing your RU password, you have to update it in Guesty in order for the integration to keep working:

  1. Go to Account > Integrations > RU > Select account.
  2. Update the Password field.
  3. Click Save.

Rental Agreement

Where can I add my Rental agreement in Guesty?

Guesty doesn't support rental agreements at this point

White Labeling

Can I set white label communications via Rentals united?

Yes. Please contact for further information and setup.