Rentals United Integration - FAQs


My guest's messages do not show in Guesty!

For RentalsUnited messages to come to your Guesty inbox, make sure that the Forwarding toggle must be ON and the integration email ( is in every field of communication with the guest, both on the account level and listing level in the channel. Both can be found under Dashboard > Account > Integrations > RentalsUited.

We advise you to communicate with your guests via their private email (and not via the email provided by RentalsUited).

Some channels that are connected to RentalsUnited offer their own internal messaging system with its own ruling. In this case, messaging via the channel is channel dependent, meaning that the messaging system will work differently for each one of the channels, such as Expedia.


Listing management

I deleted a listing from a channel connected via Rental untied, why is it still in that channel?

To delete a listing from one of Rental United connected channels, you need to deactivate the listing from Rentals Unit. Read how to remove a booking channel from a listing in Rentals United.


How often does Guesty sync bookings to RentalsUnited

Guesty sync all bookings and calendar updates in real time in all channels.

How to avoid double bookings when using Guesty and RentalsUnited?

When we get a reservation from any channel, we will ensure that double bookings are not created by automatically blocking the reservation dates across all other connected channels.

We also strongly recommend that you update your calendar directly in Guesty and avoid direct changes within the channels themselves.

In the unlikely scenario in which you encounter a double booking, please contact our Support Team.

Do manual reservations (offline) appear in the different channels?

Adding manual reservations in Guesty has no representation in any booking channel. They will simply show blocked dates. These reservations only exist in your Guesty dashboard.

A reservation from the channel does not show in Guesty?
  1. Make sure that the Guesty<>RentalsUnited integration is viable by logging in successfully to RentalsUnited.
  2. Once in RentalsUnited, see if the reservation is there.
  3. If it is in RentalsUnitedbut not in Guesty, please contact our support team.
  4. If it is not in RU, then please turn to RU's support and to the channel's support to figure out why the two are not syncing.

**Guesty pulls the reservation from RentalsUnited and not directly from the channel.

Why can't I cancel a channel's reservation from Guesty?

It is currently only possible to cancel a reservation through Guesty for HomeAway. For the rest of the channels, please do so through the channel itself. Each channel has its own repercussions.

My reservation from a channel got canceled, how much will Guesty charge me?

Please read about Guesty's cancellation policy.


The reservation's financials are not identical in Guesty to what they are in the channel!

First, make sure that the values are identical in Guesty and in the channel itself. For example, if the cleaning fee in Guesty is $80 but in the channel is $50- the discrepancy will be created.

If you see that Guesty charged the cleaning fee twice, please go to Account>Integrations>RentalsUnited and check if you have set up the cleaning fee correctly in the bottom toggling table.

Read more about Guesty's financials features.
Why was a reservation confirmed even though the guest's card got declined?

There is no connection between a reservation's status and whether the guest's card went through or not. Even if a payment by a guest fails, the reservation will still flow to Guesty as confirmed by channels that are instant booking ( etc). The Status of a reservation (confirmed, canceled, declined etc) is not related to the guest's credit card going through or not. This is why auto messages can still go out to confirmed reservations even if the guest's payment fails.

It is best practice not to send check-in instructions upon confirmation, and to wait until a day or so before check-in instead, to give you time to bill your guests.

Please go over this short article (mainly the last part of it) and see if it helps.

Where do I add taxes in Guesty?

Taxes are configured either on an account level (Account > System Settings > Financials) which applies to all listings, or per listing (Listing > Settings). Read more.

Do I need to add the same taxes in RentalsUnited? if so, why?

Guesty always pushes your tax configuration to RU, therefore you do not need to configure taxes in RentalsUnited.

For HomeAway and VRBO, the rates and taxes must be configured directly in Guesty. Guesty will feed over rates and taxes through RentalsUnitedand onto HomeAway/VRBO.

Does Guesty have markups for RentalsUnited?

No, Guesty doesn't have markups for RentalsUnited. But you can set up markups in RentalsUnited itself, and set them up for the various channels.

Password Change

If I change my password in RentalsUnited, where do I update it in Guesty?

After changing your RentalsUnited password, you have to update it in Guesty in order for the integration to keep working:

  1. Go to Account > Integrations > RentalsUnited> Select account.
  2. Update the Password field.
  3. Click Save.

Rental Agreement

Where can I add my Rental agreement in Guesty?

Guesty doesn't support rental agreements at this point

White Labeling

Can I set white label communications via Rentals united?

Yes. Please contact us for further information and setup.