Agoda Listing Management

Calendar sync

Guesty will sync only calendar information: availability, prices and minimum nights. The rest you can set in Agoda.

Your listings' calendar availability should be managed directly through Guesty to ensure smooth synchronization between the two platforms.

This is a one-way connection. This means that following the initial retrieval of Agoda's blocked dates data (upon connecting your listings), Guesty will no longer check for calendar updates made through Agoda.

  1. Updating nightly rates in Guesty show up in Agoda for all of Agoda’s nightly rates (e.g. single, double etc.)
  2. Updating availability and minimum nights will be sync with Agoda calendar 
  3. Other settings (e.g. “Extra Bed Fee”) can be set directly from Agoda and will not be pushed and shown in Guesty
  4. Cancellation policy is currently not supported, however in case of a cancellation you will be able to charge the guest for the cancellation amount
  5. Currency alignment: (RU like)
  6. The maximum night settings in Agoda is 99. If your Guesty listing maximum night field is defined as more than 99 we will send Agoda value of 99. 
  7. The price must be at least 25$ each day. 


Reservation sync

Reservations and inquiries will arrive at your Guesty account for your connected Agoda listings

  1. Guesty will update your availability for that listing on all other channels
  2. You can manage all Guest communications directly from Guesty's Unified Inbox



  1. Cleaning fees: In Guesty, the Cleaning Fee amount for Agoda reservations can include Agoda’s Cleaning fees and/or usage fees as set in Agoda
    Guesty Cleaning fee = Agoda’s cleaning + usage fees
  2. Extra bed fees: Much like the Extra Person Fee, Agoda’s Extra Bed Fee is added to the Accommodation Fare amount in Guesty
  3. Extra person fee: Your extra person fee inGuesty wouldn’t be pushed to Agoda.



Guesty receives the total tax amount for each reservation from Agoda, however, we can’t know what was the tax configuration for that listing. As such Guesty will:

  1. Use the tax configuration as set in Guesty to try and match the total amount received from Agoda. However, the total amount will always match the one received in the reservation
  2. In case of a mismatch between Guesty’s tax configuration and the total tax amount received in the reservation from Agoda, we will alert you in an error message in the reservation’s Financials tab so you can align the tax configuration in both platforms


Payment Collection

Agoda will collect the guest payment and transfer you the money in the day of the check-in through virtual credit card (UPC) or Paypal

Using Paypal

Funds are transferred directly from Agoda to your Paypal account. You will not be able to process your reservations on Guesty. In this case, you can use the External Processor option to set the reservation as ‘Paid’

The 1st booking will be payout 30 days after the guest departure. After that, the first reservation will be paid you will have to contact Agoda asking them to remove the 30 days payout settings for all your Agoda listings.

Using UPC

This is an Agoda virtual credit card, supplied from Agoda and charged with the total payout for the reservation. If you have a Stripe account you will be able to charge the card though Guesty the day after the check-in. 
Due to the card’s limitation, collecting payments will be limited in done in the following way:

  1. Since the reservation can only be charged on its Check-in date, the card’s details will be added to your reservation in Guesty only on this date and will be available for next 150 days
  2. Since the reservation can only be charged once, if there are multiple payments please contact Agoda to complete the payment
  3. Cancellation fees can also be charged only upon check-in
  4. There is no need to request an Authorization Hold if using UPC
  5. You will be able to see the virtual credit card detail also in Agoda dashboard. Go to Bookings > Click on the reservation > Click to view (next to UPC) > a popup will be open with the credit card detail

Agoda security Deposit

Should be collected as cash, credit card authorization or through Paypal by the property owner/agency on the check-in date and will be handled off-site when the guest check-out (as long as nothing is damaged or missing). Agoda does NOT handle the payment or reimbursement of this security deposit, however, we will mention this information on the website if you load it on Agoda system manually.



Aditional information

If you have more than 50 listings would like to create in Agoda platform and they are located at Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the UK please contact Guesty support. If you have less than 50 listings create can offer you an automat process that will do it for you. Please contact Guesty support. Note: listings located in America won't be able to publish their listings in Agoda due to Agoda's limitations.

How to create listing on Agoda