Guesty's tasks app

The Guesty tasks app was created to help property managers manage their operations more efficiently. The users of the tasks app are the company's staff who needs to complete tasks such as cleaning, meeting guests for check-in or delivering linen. The property manager (or tasks supervisor) can automate the creation of "Auto Tasks" inside their Guesty Dashboard, and automatically assign tasks to a specific staff member or a group of people every time a new reservation comes in. 

Who should use the app?

The tasks app was designed to be the on-the-go tool which serves your staff. Cleaners can see their upcoming cleanings, check-in people can take a suggested task for tomorrow and the maintenance team has a detailed description of the issues they need to solve alongside the listing's address. 

In order to get access to the app, you have to be a Guesty user. You can control the different levels of access using the permission settings and user roles.

At the moment, the user cannot create any new tasks or edit them.

What tasks will the users be able to see?

Users with "Listing Viewer" set of permissions will be able to see all of the tasks that were either directly assigned to them or to a group they are a part of (based on their User Tags). 

What kind of information is there in the app?

The first menu is divided into three things: My Tasks, Pending Tasks, and Completed Tasks.

My Tasks - this menu includes Tasks that were assigned specifically to you (not as part of a group). This will include all of the tasks, regardless if you already confirmed them or not.

Pending Tasks - this menu includes all of the unconfirmed tasks that you were assigned to, both as a specific user as well as a part of a group. The idea behind this menu is that the staff member will be able to review all of his assigned and suggested tasks and will be able to actively confirm his availability for the job.

Completed Tasks - exactly as it sounds. This menu enables the staff member to easily access and keep track of his previous tasks.

Tasks can be connected to a listing, a specific reservation, or just to the account itself. The task view includes all of the relevant information of the listings and reservations (if linked), which means everything that is accessible for users with Listing Viewer role. 

What can the users do in the app?

Users have 4 major in-apps uses:

View data - For example, information about the listing and it's addressed, information about the reservation and the guests, the task's checklist, comments that were added to it, and more.

Confirm tasks - Confirming a task means that the user actively approved his responsibility in completing this task. Users can confirm a task which they are personally assigned to (signaling that they acknowledge the task) or take a task that was offered to a group they are a part of.

Update status - A task can be in one of a few possible statuses: Pending, Confirmed, In Progress, Completed or Canceled. For a pending task, the user can either confirm, complete or start it (change the status to "In progress"). When a task is in progress, the user can only complete it, etc.

Add comments - On top of viewing comments that were added to the tasks, users can add their own comments to it. For example, if they want to say that the guests forgot their sunglasses, or that the coffee table in the living room is broken. Comments can be either textual or a photo they take directly through the app. 

Does the App works on both iOS and Android?

Yes. You can see here the iOS version, or here the Android one. You can also just search "Guesty tasks" in the App Store and Google Play.