TripAdvisor FAQs

I already have a TripAdvisor integration via Rentals United, how do I switch to Guesty direct integration?

To do so, add an account to Guesty's direct integration, and TripAdvisor will switch and connect your account to them. No extra setup is required. 

Why don't I have instant book?

To be eligible for instant booking, you must receive at least 4 confirmed reservations on TripAdvisor, only then the instant book feature will become available on your TripAdvisor dashboard (under your account settings).

My account is still pending after 3 working days, What should I do?

You don't have to do anything. We have already sent another request on your behalf to TripAdvisor in order to connect your account. If your account is not connected 6 days after the initial request date (which is written in the TripAdvisor integration page), please contact Guesty support.

Why can't I edit my TripAdvisor reservations?

You can only edit reservations via the TripAdvisor dashboard. The updated reservation details will be reflected in Guesty once you and your guest have confirmed the changes.

Why can't I see inquiries in Guesty?

Guesty currently shows only inquiries with a quote.

Why can't I see the amount of each guest group on a TripAdvisor reservation?

Guesty’s reservation page shows total amount of guest groups (adults + kids).


Why can't I change details in my listing?

Due to TripAdvisor's limitations, you won't be able to change the following details after creating a listing:

  • Property type
  • Address
  • Number of beds inside and outside of the rooms
  • Bed arrangement