Getting Started with TripAdvisor direct Integration

Publish your listing to TripAdvisor via Guesty!

Before we start

  1. You need to have a TripAdvisor account > I manage 5+ vacation rentals (property management account).
  2. You must have at least 5 listings you would like to publish on TripAdvisor (they validate it upon account creation).
  3. During the account creation process:
    1. You will receive a confirmation email from TripAdvisor.

      If you have not received the email yet, please check the Spam folder as well

    2. TripAdvisor will contact you by phone, up to 3 working days from confirmation.
    3. During the phone call, you will receive information about TripAdvisor and the Guesty integration. Also, you will have to provide additional details regarding your business and listings you would like to publish on TripAdvisor.
    4. After the phone call, you will need to sign a contract with TripAdvisor which will be sent to you via email. 

      If you have not received the email yet, please check the Spam folder as well

    5. After signing of the contract, you will have to provide TripAdvisor with additional documents they require:
      • An official document which states your listings' address.
      • A photocopy of your ID/ Driver license
      • A photo of you holding your ID documentation. 
    6. Once the account is ready, TripAdvisor will send you an email with the account credentials and account ID.

      If you have not received the email yet, please check the Spam folder as well

Initial setup

  1. Go to the Guesty Dashboard > Account > Integration > Marketplace > TripAdvisor 
  2. Click Add Account
    1. Insert TripAdvisor Account ID (7 digit number)
    2. Insert the Guesty integration email ( Choose the prefix you would like to use. Once you have chosen, the system will automatically validate it (it has to be unique across Guesty).
    3. Insert TripAdvisor account nickname (internal in Guesty). Choose any name you wish. This will only show internally in Guesty, in order to help you identify this specific integration.
    4. Insert your company name (will be reflected to your guests)
    5. Insert your forwarding email (you can add more than one)
  3. Click Next
  4. The connection can take up to 3 working days, in which the integration status will be Pending. Guesty will notify you via email once the listing is connected.
  5. On the TripAdvisor dashboard you need to:
    1. Set your inquiries and bookings email with Guesty's integration email under My Account > Contact Settings.
    2. Set all your TripAdvisor preferences (Listings > Preferences) as YES to Guesty in order to seamlessly sync all listing data and information. 


Guesty won't pull inquiries that were created before the integration process.

Good to know

  • After creating a listing you won't be able to change the following details, due to TripAdvisor limitations:
    • Property type
    • Address
    • Amount of beds inside and outside of the rooms
    • Bed arrangement
  • Reservations can only be edited via TripAdvisor dashboard.
  • Guesty shows the total amount of guests and not per guest group (Adults, kids etc.).
  • Guesty currently shows only inquiries with a quote. Inquiries without a quote will not be displayed in Guesty.
  • To be eligible for instant booking, you must receive at least 4 confirmed reservations on TripAdvisor, only then the instant book feature will become available on your TripAdvisor dashboard (under your account settings).