What is a multi-unit

Multi-unit is a set of identical properties (such as hotels rooms). It is an efficient way to group similar rooms/apartments and send them as one listing to channels, so instead of sending  10 similar apartments (as single units), you can send one listing with an allotment of 10.

Why should I use the Multi-unit?

  • Maximize occupancy with last-minute room assignments (you can easily change the room assignment within the multi-unit) and have fewer useless gaps between reservations!
  • Get multiple-room reservations (families and large groups)
  • Quickly edit listings contained in the same group. Change the pricing/images/description etc. for the multi-unit only, instead of changing it for each of the connected units.
  • See a grouped multi-calendar for that multi-unit

Which listing should I group?

Multiple listings with the same price, facilities, similar in look, and roughly the same property size.

Multi-unit in Airbnb is also known as Room-Type Inventory.



  • You won’t be able to import or change a listing to be a multi-unit, only create a new one.
  • Supported Channels
    • Airbnb
    • direct
    • Agoda - coming soon!

The connected listings CAN still be connected to any channel.


Editing a connected listing

You can edit a connected listing just as you would any other listing.


Multi-unit calendar

Multi-units have a different calendar than other listings - they have both a multi-calendar containing all connected listings and an allotment summary, showing how many available units are available for each day.



Multi-unit reservations

Auto-assigning reservations to units

The auto-assign feature assigns units randomly according to unit availability. The unit will be assigned upon reservation confirmation or 'n' days before check-in, according to your settings.

Manually assigning/ editing a reservation

The multi-units reservation page is the same as a the single-unit except for small changes: 


  • The Listing area has not only the listing on it but the unit as well.

    Clicking on the edit icon will allow you to change the listing/unit.


  • Also, clicking on the small calendar icon will open the multi-unit calendar, in order to give you the full picture about the statuses of the other units in the multi-unit as well.


Group reservations ( only)

A group reservation is when a guest books more than one unit in a single reservation. The system will either auto-assign units for the reservation, or it will be manually assigned by you, according to the multi-units settings.   

When a multi-unit reservation is created, Guesty will split it into separate reservations.

Automation features and the multi-unit

In general, a reservation comes in as unassigned to a specific connected listing. It can, and should, at some point, be assigned to a specific listing, either manually, or automatically.

Since the reservation starts on the multi-unit and moves to a specific listing, there is a new set of rules: 

  • Reservations not assigned to units will use the automation set on the multi-unit.
  • Reservations assigned to units will use the automation set on the connected listing.
  • Non-reservations automation will work on the multi-unit as usual.


Multi-unit reports

When looking for a multi-unit listing under Listings or Reports, use the 'Listing Type' column.