Adding Guesty's booking engine to an existing website

Guesty Booking Website can be used as a standalone website to enable direct bookings avoiding OTA fees, and automatically sync all your inventory and availability dates without any development. It also serves marketing purposes, to increase your brand awareness for guests and property owners.

However, it can also be used as a booking engine for your existing website which you might have created with Wix, Squarespace, WordPress or any other tool.

This will allow you to retain your existing website while still keeping all your listings descriptions and calendars in sync with Guesty. Also, this will allow your visitors to book their next stay with you. By doing so, your guest will have a seamless user experience, without any development on your side.


Initial Setup

  1. Create a Guesty Booking Website if you haven’t created one yet.
  2. If your main website uses a domain name such as, it is recommended to set up your Guesty Booking Website with a subdomain, for example, or (you don’t need to use domain). 
  3. Pick your colors from for your Guesty Booking Website so they reflect your brand and main website theme.
  4. Upload the same logo as the one you have on your main website.

Connecting Guesty to your site

There are three different ways of connecting your main website with your Guesty Booking Website to act as a Booking Engine.

Link to Guesty Booking Website

On your main website add a button linking to your Guesty Booking Website, in order to let visitors search and book your listings. The button’s text can be “Book now”, “Stay with us” or “All properties”, or any other.

Increase the button exposure by:

  • Making it easy to find.
  • Placing it in your header.
  • Placing it again in your main content.
  • Placing it above the page fold.
Add a search bar widget

You can let your visitors jump to your listings with less effort by placing a search bar widget in your main website. This will reduce the friction for your potential guests and avoid one step in the booking process.

To do so, grab the code for the search bar widget in the Guesty Booking Website configuration dashboard, and paste the snippet in your main website.

This is how to embed the widget in:

If you are working with developers, send them the snippet code and they will know how to handle it.


Direct link to a listing

If you provide a custom list of all your properties in your own website, you can link each one of them directly to each listing page in Guesty Booking Website.