Getting Started with MisterB&B direct Integration

A bit about MisterB&B

Publish your listing to the largest gay travel community via Guesty!

With MisterB&B, the gay community can connect globally to share personal and local travel experiences through 250,000 accommodations in 135 countries. MisterB&B is committed to creating an accepting and non-judgmental world.



If you already have a MisterB&B account, you will have to close it and create a new one. Please contact MisterB&B for further assistance.

MisterB&B publishing requirements:

  • Active and listed listing
  • Valid price
  • Occupancy
  • Number of beds
  • Title and description

    Some words are censored by MisterBB&B and cannot be used. Most of the censored words are from gay brands and vocabulary: Grindr / Hornet / Jack’d / Roméo / and any sexual word. Also, it is better to avoid "." (dot) between two words, otherwise, the system considers it as a domain.

  • At least one image
  • Valid address
  • Our integration with Misterb&b only supports Instant Book, meaning misterb&b cannot send us Inquiries (based on the integration they built), so we won't have reservations in the system. Therefore, it is recommended to have your misterb&b account configured to Instant Book Only.
    • If you must take inquiries for any reason (i.e. screening guests), then you will only be able to view these within the misterb&b extranet, or via your email notifications.


Guesty markup won’t apply in MisterB&B's integration

Initial setup

  1. Go to Guesty > Account > Integrations > Marketplace > Channel manager > MisterB&B.
  2. Click Connect
  3. Copy the API Token that was
  4. Create a new MisterB&B account
  5. Paste the API you generated into the API field 


All the account listings will be pulled to misterb&b within 1 hour. If you want to unlist some of them, please contact MisterB&B support and ask them to deactivate listings on their platform.

All other listing information will be synced within 24 hours.


From now on ALL MisterB&B listing will be managed via Guesty.

After Setup

  • When synchronization is complete, listing status should automatically change from "Hidden" to "Published" (if listing passes all our validation rules).
  • The published listings can be found using MisterB&B search, and from the search results, you can open listing page to check all info.
  • MisterB&B manages all payment transactions securely (just like in Airbnb). The payment will be transferred 24 hours after check-in.
  • MisterB&B provides their hosts with insurance at no extra cost. This ensures that hosts don't have to worry about any unexpected damage to their properties.
  • MisterB&B channel commission is 5.5%.
  • Read more about reservations and messaging rules

MisterB&B Markups

Guesty Markups (for manual and website reservations) will automatically be applied to MisterB&B listings.