Getting Started with MisterB&B direct Integration

A bit about MisterB&B

Publish your listing to the largest gay travel community via Guesty!

With MisterB&B the gay community can connect globally to share personal and local travel experiences, through 250,000 accommodations in 135 countries. They are committed to creating an accepting and non-judgmental world.



If you already have a MisterB&B account, you will have to close it and create a new one. Please contact MisterB&B for further assistance.

MisterB&B publish requirements:

  • Active and listed listing
  • Valid price
  • Occupancy
  • Number of beds
  • Title and description
  • At least one image
  • Valid address
  • All listings must be instant-booking 


Guesty markup won’t apply in MisterB&B's integration

Initial setup

  1. Go to Guesty > Account > Integrations > Marketplace > Channel manager > MisterB&B.
  2. Click Connect
  3. Copy the API Token that was
  4. Create a new MisterB&B account
  5. Paste the API you generated into the API field 


All the account listings will be pulled to misterb&b within 1 hour. If you want to unlist some of them, please contact MisterB&B support and ask them to deactivate listings on their platform.

All other listing information will be synced within 24 hours.


From now on ALL MisterB&B listing will be managed via Guesty.

After Setup

  • When synchronization is completed listings status should automatically change from “Hidden” to “Published” (if listing passes all our validation rules).
  • The published listings can be found using MisterB&B search, and from the search results, you can open listing page to check all info.
  • MisterB&B manages all payment transactions securely (just like in Airbnb). The payment will be transferred 24 hours after check-in.
  • MisterB&B provides their hosts with insurance at no extra cost in case anything were to happen. This ensures that the host doesn’t have to worry about any unexpected damage to his property. 
  • MisterB&B channel commission is 5.5%.

Reservations and Messages

MisterB&B has 3 types of reservations:

Instant booking

The booking is automatically accepted by the renter right after the payment is completed.

The reservation’s messages will show in Guesty.

Booking request

Pre-authorize/hold on the user’s credit card. The funds are captured until the renter accepts/declines the request. If the renter declines the request, then the Authorization/hold is canceled and the funds are returned to the user.

This option is disabled in Guesty

Contact host

The user can ask any questions or ask about availability before any payment is made. Renter can pre-approve or decline such requests.

This option is enabled in Guesty, however, contact host messages will not appear in the inbox because MisterB&B do not share guest information until the payment is made.