My tasks (mobile tasks)

The My Tasks feature helps property managers manage their operations more efficiently by providing a tool for staff to keep track of & update tasks while on the go.


  • Cleaners can view and update their upcoming cleanings
  • Maintenance staff can see the task location and requirements
  • Greeters can choose which check-in tasks to take & communicate with guests on the go

What can you do in My Tasks?

  1. View task requirements
  2. Mark items in a checklist
  3. Add & see notes and attachments about a task
  4. Confirm tasks & update status.

    There are 5 statuses: Assigned (to an individual or team), Confirmed, In Progress, Done and Canceled

  5. Track completed tasks

Using My Tasks

Tasks are created and assigned from the Guesty dashboard. The task assignee (either an individual or group) can then see assigned tasks in Guesty’s mobile app.

  1. Open the app (or access My Tasks from the More menu)
  2. The first screen shows you tasks assigned to you or your team that you will need to confirm. Approve your tasks, or choose tasks assigned to your group by tapping the Take it button. You can view a task by tapping on the card before accepting it.
  3. Click Start Task at the beginning of a task change its status to in progress.
  4. Review task descriptions, update the checklist, add pictures and notes.
  5. See number of bed and number of guest for the current, previous and/or next reservations.
  6. See more information about a reservation or listing by clicking on the Reservation or Listing icons on the top right corner.
  7. Click End Task to mark a task as complete.

Scheduled tasks will appear in the app for all the days they are scheduled. Tasks that aren't completed within the given time frame allocated for the tasks will no longer show up in the app


Creating new tasks

The tasks supervisor can automate the creation of AutoTasks inside the Guesty Dashboard, and automatically assign tasks to a specific staff member or a group of people every time a new reservation comes in. Autotasks are great for repetitive tasks such as cleanings & greetings. One-time tasks, like maintenance or linen tasks, can also be created and assigned from the Dashboard. Both types of tasks will show up in the app of the assigned staff member or group.


Since the app contains a lot more than just tasks - reservation, inbox and more - please make sure your staff members have the correct permissions. Cleaners usually get viewer permissions, while greeters usually get listing manager permissions. Read more about permissions.