Does Guesty support iCal?

iCalendar (aka iCal) is an old method of sharing your calendar across different platforms and users. It was a good solution at the time, but times have changed and we have developed better ways of sharing your calendar data.

When using iCalendar, your shared data is limited to reservation dates without any other information like guest name, listing information, financial data or reservation status.

Due to iCalendars' infrastructure, setting up one calendar for all your iCal integration is not possible. The setup is one listing per calendar and not multiple listings per calendar. Meaning, you will have to set up many calendars (as the number of listings you have).

iCalendar integrations sync only calendar availability and may take up to a few hours to update, as a result, they have a high risk for double bookings. 

Our solutions have you covered

Integrate with OTAs

With our channel manager, you will be able to sync your listings, availability, financial data, guest data, communications and much more across 60+ channels, while having a stable integration.

Share your calendar with different team members

The Multi-Calendar enables you to see all your reservations from all your listings, across all channels in one simple view. Use our permission system to give different functionalities and views to different team members.

Share your calendar with the property owners

The Owners Portal is a special website, separate from the Guesty Dashboard, where your property owners can view their properties calendar, occupancy data, and book their stay directly from there. It is up to you what data to share with the property owner.

Use tasks-management apps

We offer a built-in task management solution that will help you manage your operations more efficiently by providing a tool for your staff. Also, your staff can use our mobile app to keep track of and update tasks while on-the-go.

Share reservation information with people outside your organization

Your reservation data can be shared with anyone you would like, in just one click. The data is always up to date and is presented in a clear way for non-tech savvy people as well.

Integrate with 3rd party apps

Use our API to integrate your calendar and reservation data with any 3rd party app/service you want. Make the best out of our marketplace, which has plenty of different property management tools to help you grow your business.