Vikey is an innovative technology that gives hosts the chance to open both their building entrance and their apartment door directly from their smartphone, checking their guests in no matter where they are in the world. Thanks to the self-check-in feature, the guests can also open their vacation rental home in complete autonomy by inserting their reservation code in Vikey’s App. Furthermore, through an exceptional online portal, the host can ask the guest to complete the online check-in, receiving the guest’s IDs, any extra payments (such as the city tax) and fully digitally sign contracts prior to the guest’s arrival.

Setting up Vikey in Guesty

  1. Create an account in Vikey
  2. Log into Guesty and go to Account > Integration 
  3. In the Marketplace select Vikey
  4. Click Connect
  5. Copy the API Token that was generated  2019-01-06_1427.png
  6. Log into Vikey
  7. Copy the API Token to Integrations > Guesty
  8. After conformation, your guest will receive an email to download the Vikey app
  9. Only through the app will your guest be able to complete the check-in