Stripe AVS check

What is AVS check?

Address verification (AVS) is comprised of two checks: one based on the ZIP code and another based on the billing street address. AVS checks determine whether these pieces of information match the billing address on file with the card issuer. Stripe's Radar includes a default Stripe rule to block any payments that fail ZIP code verification, which can be enabled or disabled within the Stripe Dashboard.

There are situations where these address checks can fail on legitimate payments. For example, a customer entered their address incorrectly, or has recently moved and not yet updated their address with their card issuer.

Support for both AVS checks varies by country and card issuer (e.g., certain countries do not use a postal code or some card issuers do not support street address verification). However, street address verification is commonly supported for cards issued in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Setting up an AVS Check

In order to do so, you must create a new Stripe Rule from your Strip Dashboard.

AVS check and direct integration

In order for the AVS check to work with direct integration, Guesty sends the full billing address for credit cards from direct integration to Stripe.