New reservation page (closed beta)

The reservation page in Guesty displays all of your relevant information for each of your reservations.

Summary bar

The summary bar contains 3 main areas, which display all the scheduled reservation data. Clicking on each area will open the relevant tab:

  • Reservation data - will open the reservation tab
    • Reservation - Guest's name and reservation number 
    • Status - reservation status 
    • Check-in/checkout - Date and time
    • Guests - number of guests
    • Listing - listing's nickname
  • Balance due - will open the financial tab
  • Last message - will open the reservation's conversation in the Inbox


The summary bar will follow you through the different reservation tabs, but in a smaller version.


Reservation tab breakdown 

The reservation tab has 4 different areas:


Summary information

Shows all the reservation's details including the listing's calendar.

Click edit edit_icon.png to:

  • Change number of guests
  • Change listing
  • Leave note to guest
  • Leave note to cleaner
  • Leave other notes for the reservation 
Guest information 

Displays the guest's details. 

Click edit edit_icon.png to change the personal details.


Extra information

Displays all of the listing's custom fields.

Click edit edit_icon.png to edit any one of the custom fields.



Provides detailed information regarding changes made to the reservation either manually or automatically.



Financial tab breakdown

Guest invoice

The left sections displays the guest's invoice in detail, while the right section displays the invoice in a chart. Click on Expand expand.png to see a more detailed invoice.




Click edit edit_icon.pngto edit any one of the invoice items and add a description to each item.


Revenue bar

The revenue bar calculates displays the revenue for the reservation. The formula can be edited per reservation.


Click edit edit_icon.pngto edit the revenue calculations. 



The left sections displays the guest's payments in detail, while the right section displays the payments in a pie chart form.



Payment statuses:

  • Green - payment is paid
  • Gray - pending payment
  • Red - failed payment
  • Yellow - amount owed by the guest and there is not payment planned for it
  • Black line - balance due
  • Blue line - payments which have not been collected yet

You cannot add a payment without having an invoice item for it!