PointCentral is the largest provider of enterprise-class, smart home property automation solutions in the vacation rental market. PointCentral’s reliable and secure cellular-based technology is proven in more than 5 million homes in the U.S. and doesn’t require Wi-Fi. Their mobile app and enterprise dashboard enable customers to manage access, temperature, HVAC, water, property awareness and more - with robust real-time Property Intelligence. Impress your guests and homeowners, improve safety and reduce your operational costs with PointCentral, a subsidiary of Alarm.com.

Setting up PointCentral in Guesty

  1. Contact PointCentral in order to set up an account (and for any inquiries you might have)
  2. Log into Guesty and go to Account > Integration
  3. In the Marketplace select PointCentral
  4. Click Connect
  5. Copy the API Token that was generated 


  6. Contact PointCentral and send them an activation request containing the API token, in order to activate the integration on their side.