The Marketplace

Guesty's marketplace allows you to sync your account with our growing list of external partners. From channels to third-party management tools, solve every last need of your business with these seamless integrations, making your day-to-day easier.

The marketplace can be found under Account > Integrations.


Our partners

We have 2 types of connections:


Channel connections

Connect to the channel and distribute your listings.
The channel display box has 3 sates, which provide different information:

Available channels

The channel display box will show which data is sync in this integration (content, calendar, messages, reviews, etc..).

You can connect to:

  • Airbnb
  • TripAdvisor
  • Rentals United
  • Agoda
  • MisterB&B



Connected channels

The display box will show how many listings and accounts are connected, out of all the listing and accounts that are in the process of connecting to this channel. connected_listings.png


If one (or more) of the account/listing is in pending status (pending.pngpending connection) or error status (error_icon.pngconnection failed) an icon will appear next to the listing or account counter.

  • Clicking on Connected accounts will open the channel account’s page where you can see all your connected, pending or failed accounts.
  • Clicking on Connected listings will open the channel listing’s page where you can see all your connected, pending or failed listings.
Coming soon


Partner connections

Are services which will improve your day-to-day operation, such as price optimization services, home automation and more. Each partner display box shows the partner category. When hovering over the box you can see a short description on the partner.


Click on i_icon.png to learn more about each connection.


Connect to a channel 

Click Connect on the relevant channels box. Follow the instructions and settings on the relevant channel page. If you want to learn more on the integration process click on the i_icon.png on the channel display box.

Each channel has its own integration flow. But don't worry! We will guide you through every step of the way.

Connect to a partner

  1. In the marketplace, click the marketplace dropdown.
  2. Select a service category (Operation, Pricing, Guest Experience etc).
  3. Available service will show up.
  4. Click Connect on the relevant service.

After clicking the relevant service’s connect button you’ll be forwarded to the API token generation screen, and the service will be marked as connected. Follow the instructions according to each partner connection.



Disconnecting from a partner

Navigate to the connected service page (Account > integrations > My integrations). In the service page, click Disconnect - this will revoke the current API key and will change the service status to not connected.
Once the token is revoked, the service provider will no longer be able to access your Guesty data.