What is Guesty's upgraded Airbnb integration?

Guesty has 2 different ways to integrate directly to Airbnb: the standard and the upgraded integrations.

The upgraded integration was built to have improved stability and data consistency between Guesty and Airbnb.

While both integrations sync content, calendar, reservations and messages, the upgraded integration provides a more seamless experience, as data is constantly pushed and pulled in real time.

What are the differences?

With the upgraded integration, Guesty and Airbnb become a 2-way street.
You can easily move inventory by importing or publishing your listings, from and to Airbnb.

Managing your listings will only be possible through Guesty’s software, while the listings dashboard in Airbnb will be blocked. This helps us to prevent discrepancies between the 2 platforms, since everything is done from Guesty!

At the moment, the new integration doesn’t allow you to manage reviews, but it’s in the works! In the meantime, it is still available on Airbnb’s website.

We are also working on the ability to send special offers directly from Guesty!

The upgraded Airbnb integration does not support iCal connection.

How do I tell which integration do I have?

Like this.

How do I get upgraded?

Meet our criteria

To be a good fit for the upgraded integration, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Only instant-book listings.
  • No listings in the following locations:
    • New York, NY, USA
    • Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • Boston, MA, USA
    • Portland, OR, USA
    • Singapore
    • Manchester, UK