Inbox widgets

The inbox widgets are located to the right of the conversation area. Use them to change reservation, guest, listing or links details without leaving the inbox.


Reservation Reservations.png

Detailed information about the reservation (status, source, check-in, check-out, and extra information). Click 1.png to etid the reservation and go_to_listing.png to open the reservation in a new tab.
If an Inquiry comes in, the reservation widget will display a booking button according to the following:

  • Pre-Approve - for Airbnb reservation in status Inquiry, you can automatically Approve a future booking request if such is made by the guest.
  • Approve / Decline - for a Reserved reservation you can Approve or Decline it.

For an Airbnb reservation, the host has 24 hours to confirm; otherwise, it is declined.

For a HomeAway reservation, the host has 24 hours to decline; otherwise, it is confirmed.

Listing Listing.png

Detailed information about the listing (place, space, amenities, and extra information), and a link to open the listing in a new tab.

Guest Guests.png

Guest details. Click 1.png to edit the guest's information.

Automated Message 2019-06-02_1401.png 

The new widget displays the upcoming automated messages for the relevant reservation in the conversation thread.

Control the automated messages by deactivating/ reactivating certain, or all of them, for a confirmed reservation.

Links Links.png

External links to useful online services. When you click on a link, the listing address is sent to the online service provider and you get immediate automatic data for your specific listing. The online services cover maps, yellow pages directory, weather, parking and taxi fair services.