MisterB&B Reservations and Messages

MisterB&B has 3 types of reservations and each with its own messaging rules:

Instant booking

The booking is automatically accepted by the renter right after the payment is completed.

The reservation’s messages will show in Guesty.

Booking request 

Pre-authorization/hold on the user’s credit card. The funds are held until the renter accepts/declines the request. If the renter declines the request, then the authorization/hold is canceled and the funds are returned to the user.

This option is disabled in Guesty

Contact host

The user can ask any questions or ask about availability before any payment is made. Renter can pre-approve or decline such requests.

This option is enabled in Guesty, however, contact host messages will not appear in the inbox because MisterB&B does not share guest information until the payment is made.