Knock Knock City

Knock Knock City offers luggage storage locations for travelers to store their bags & luggage pre-check-in and post-check-out. To provide safe and convenient locations, the platform partners with local businesses around cities that have extra private space. This service reduces early check-in / late check-out requests, allowing for faster turnarounds for property owner and managers.


Setting up Knock Knock City in Guesty

  1. Log into Guesty and go to Account > Integration 
  2. In the Marketplace select Knock Knock City
  3. Click Connect
  4. Copy the API Token that was generated 
  5. Go to Knock Knock City portal
  6. Paste API Token, enter your email and create a password
  7. Click ConnectClick Yes, send me to retrieve the nearest Knock Knock City luggage storage locations to your listing(s)
  8. Open the email we sent
  9. Copy the link(s) of the nearest luggage storage location(s), and paste in your check-in, check-out emails for your guests


Live setup

See how the Knock Knock City team set up the Guesty integration