BookingTrust trust and host accounting software is designed specifically for the short-term and holiday property management business. BookingTrust provides the easiest and simplest method to process end of month disbursement, bank reconciliation reports and keep track all invoice and booking payments. BookingTrust is compliant for those businesses that need to meet trust account regulations and flexible for those businesses that are not required to be audited.
BookingTrust also provide a full accounting service for businesses that would rather concentrate on other things. They do everything from data entry to bank account reconciliation and end of month disbursement. Their onsite accounting service will ensure that all your records are reconciled to your bank account. This service is available on request.

This service is currently available in Australia and New-Zeland

Setting up BookingTrust in Guesty

  1. Contact BookingTrust either via:
  2. BookingTrust will arrange a demo meeting with you.
    For the demo the will require Guesty's API key:
    1. Log into Guesty and go to Account > Integration 
    2. In the Marketplace select BookingTrust
    3. Click Connect
    4. Copy the API Token that was generated 
  3. Once you made the decision to go-live, BookingTrust will onboard you onto their platform.

For further questions please contact BookingTrust support