Saved Views in the Inbox

Adding filters is a useful way to display only relevant messages in the Guesty Inbox, such as showing only those with certain reservation statuses or messages that have been assigned to specific team members. Guesty has taken this functionality to the next level with our Saved Views feature!

With Saved Views it's easy to customize, save and name a set of filters that can be quickly accessed within the Guesty Inbox. This provides more efficient access to regularly used setups without having to re-apply any previous filters from scratch, and can be used to help communication teams prioritize their workflow.

Using the feature

Saved Views can be set up to easily manage and segment communication for:

  • Specific geographical locations.
  • Specific groups of listings.
  • Specific assignees, making it possible to keep track of the progress of certain team members.
  • Reservation statuses, enabling the option to prioritize which guests should be reached out to first. For example, a guest currently staying in a property may require a faster response than those guests who have already checked-out.



Create a Saved View

Once created, Saved Views can be found on the left-hand side of the Guesty Inbox.


To set up a Saved View in the Inbox:

  1. Select the filter icon in the Inbox.
  2. Customize a set of filters.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Select Save as a new view.
  5. Create a name for the view in the popup box.
  6. Click Save.



Delete a Saved View

To delete a Saved View from the Inbox:

  1. Hover over an existing Saved View to reveal the following icon:
  2. Go ahead and click the icon.
  3. Select Delete view.
  4. Choose Yes, delete this view in the popup box.