How does Guesty write reviews?

If you choose to, Guesty would love to handle all of your guest reviews on your behalf!

There are 3 ways in which Guesty handles guest reviews.

  • Our team's default is to write 5-star reviews, unless specified otherwise. The moment Airbnb let us know it is time to write a review for a guest, we go ahead and do it. We offer many types of reviews and try to personalize them for each guest. 
  • Puede pedirnos que esperemos antes de escribir una opinión y obtener el tiempo suficiente para elegir si debemos evaluar o no. Las opciones de tiempo de espera son: 24 horas, 48 horas y una semana.
  • Puede indicarnos cómo desea evaluar a un huésped específico y le escribiremos un mensaje personalizado. We will ask you for your preferences as part of your onboarding questionnaire, but you will always be able to update them by contacting us.