The Phone Book

The phonebook feature allows you to keep all of your important contact information in one place.

What can I do with the contacts?


Adding a new contact

  1. Go to Phone Book on the Navigation Bar
  2. Click on Add a contact
  3. Add the contact's full name as well as multiple email addresses and phone numbers. 

Contrary to your account users, contacts in your phone book will not have access to your account information (unless you specifically share it with them through view-only reports).


  • When you mark a contact email address or phone number as the default, our guest communication service will use the default email or number when reaching him out
  • Select a preferred contact method - this will show our guest service experts how to best reach the new contact (i.e. by email, via SMS or with a phone call.)
  • Add a note - save any piece of information that will, later on, be important for you.