The Inbox

The inbox is a unified messaging platform that allows you to control all of your vacation rental business’ communication from one place. This feature centralizes communication with guests from all sources such as Airbnb (including multiple accounts),, HomeAway, Agoda, Expedia, etc.


Key features

  • Unified Inbox - control all of your guest communications from one place. This applies to all sources (including multiple Airbnb accounts).
  • One thread -  see full conversations with guests that include communication using Airbnb messages, emails, SMS, and even your automated messages, all in one thread.
  • Ticketing system - highly detailed conversation tickets that enable you to prioritize at a quick glance and simplify decision making. Also, you can archive conversations once handled.
  • All the data you need - new widgets that provide you with all the information you need right inside the inbox such as reservation info, guests' details, listing data and quick links.
  • Real-time updates - new incoming messages will appear in the Inbox in real time, no need to refresh.
  • Saved replies - search, preview and edit saved replies before sending.
  • Better user experience - new enjoyable sleek design to help you handle your guest communication more efficiently. 
  • Team collaboration - assign a ticket to a team member, see which team member replied and quickly filter conversations by an assignee. 
  • Guest Service Communication integration - easily monitor conversations made by our Guest Service Experts and jump in whenever you wish.
  • Direct Reservation Management - pre-Approve Airbnb inquires, Approve/Decline reserved reservations directly from the conversation itself.


Left bar - conversation tickets

  • Search bar - search for a conversation by guest name or reservation number.
  • Filters - use the filters to show tickets filtered by tags, cities, listings, assignees and reservation status.
  • Sorting - sort conversations by time or by priority.
  • Conversations list - each conversation ticket preview contains the last message time, unread/read indication, guest details, listing details, reservation progress bar (upcoming stay, currently staying, checked out).
  • Status folder - use the bottom status icons to switch between showing open conversations mceclip1.png , snoozed conversations  or archived ones mceclip2__1_.png.


If a guest responds to an archived message, the message will automatically go back to the inbox and will show as unread


Center - conversation thread

  • Action buttons - use the top left action buttons to perform various actions such as mark as read/unread, assign/unassign to a team member, snooze a conversation and archive.  You can easily move an item from the open conversations list to the archived list and back. When the item is in the open conversations list, you have the 'Move to archived' action mceclip0.png, and when in the archived list you have the 'Move to open' action mceclip1.png in the actions button section.
  • Thread - in the thread you can track all of the communication with the guest, it means that if you started the conversation on Airbnb, sent check-in instructions over email, and lock-box code in an SMS, it will all show as one coherent conversation.
  • Saved replies - mceclip4.pngsearch, preview and edit saved replies before sending it.
  • Expand - mceclip5.png expand/collapse the reply box in case you have a long reply.
  • Reply methods
    • Airbnb - envía el mensaje a través de la plataforma de Airbnb. Actualmente, la funcionalidad de enviar mensajes dentro del sistema de mensajería de una plataforma se limita unicamente a las reservas originadas en Airbnb.
    • Email - sends a direct email to the guest, based on its default email address (can be edited in the Guest widget on the right bar).
    • SMS - sends an SMS message to the guest's default phone number (can be edited in the Guest widget on the right bar).
  • Internal note - Internal note allows you to add notes in conversations for internal communication with your teammates or a note-to-self. Only your teammates will be able to see notes, and it won’t be sent to your guests. 
  • Received attachments - Attachments can be received in the message thread via your guest's email or an Airbnb message. We support ‘doc’, ‘gif’, ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘mp4’, ‘pdf’, ‘png’, ‘xls’ files. 

Right bar - widgets

  • Summary - basic information about various topics, reservation selection in case the guest has multiple reservations, and reservation button management if relevant:
    • Pre-Approve - for Airbnb reservation in status Inquiry, you can automatically Approve a future booking request if such is made by the guest. 
    • Approve / Decline - for a Reserved reservation you can Approve or Decline it.

      In case of an Airbnb reservation, the host has 24 hours to confirm, otherwise, it is declined.

      In case of a HomeAway reservation the host has 24 hours to decline, otherwise, it is confirmed.

  • Reservation - detailed information about the reservation (status, source, check-in, check-out, and extra information), and a link to open the reservation in a new tab. 
  • Guest - guest details with an edit capability.
  • Listing - detailed information about the listing (place, space, amenities, and extra information), and a link to open the listing in a new tab.
  • Links - external links to useful online services. When clicking on the link, the listing address is sent to the online service provider and you get an immediate automatic data for your specific listing. The online services cover maps, yellow pages directory, weather, parking and taxi fair services.



Guesty automatically sorts all inbox conversations by reservation status and proximity to check in/out dates, making it easy to promptly respond to urgent matters first.

In the inbox click on By priority. There are 3 levels of priorities:


Includes conversations for:

  • Current reservations
  • Confirmed reservations with check in or check out in +/- 7 days
  • Inquiries with a future check-in date
  • Reserved status reservations with a future check-in date
  • Expired status reservations with a future check-in date
  • Awaiting payment status reservations

A red line will be shown next to these conversations:


Includes conversations for confirmed reservations with check in or check out in a range +/- of 7 to 30 days.

An orange line will be shown next to these conversations:


  • All other conversations.
  • No color indicator.


Conversations are categorized upon each new message that is received from the guest.

Snoozing your message will help to remind you to follow up with your guests. If you do not require a follow-up, we recommend you archive your conversations. 



The Internal Note is a feature which allows you to add notes in conversations for internal communication with your teammates or to yourself.
Only your teammates will be able to see notes and it won’t be sent to your guests.

Why do I need it?

Increasing your efficiency of team collaboration: Write notes for your teammates (i.e asking your teammate a question, leave yourself a comment for later, etc.).

Notifications from different channels will be shown as notes and wouldn’t be sent to the guests.

How to use it:

In the Navigation Bar, go to Inbox > Select a message > Switch to Internal Note





Focus on urgent issues first, and set follow-ups for less urgent conversations by clicking the snooze button in the Inbox.


Snoozed conversations will be shown under the 'Snooze' tab on the bottom left.


Snoozed conversations can be un-snoozed by clicking on the 'Move to open' button on the top bar.


Snoozed conversations will automatically return from 'Snoozed' to 'Open conversations' after the reminder time expires. The same applies to new messages from guests in a snoozed conversation.