What's New?

March 2019



  • Attachments can now be seen in the mobile app
  • Saved replied are now accessible in the mobile app
  • 11 new languages are now supported (16 in total!)
    • Inglés
    • Español
    • Portugués
    • Francés
    • Alemán
    • Chino simplificado
    • Checo
    • Danés
    • Griego
    • Croata
    • Húngaro
    • Japonés
    • Holandés
    • Polaco
    • Ruso
    • Slovak

February 2019

Multi-lingual Guesty 

January 2019

MisterB&B direct integration

December 2018

TripAdvisor direct integration

Unidad múltiple

November 2018

Guesty's coupons 

Guesty's search widget 

  • Embed Guest's search widget in your website.
  • Combine your brand with our powerful technology while providing your guests with a seamless booking experience.
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Receiving attachments

Upcoming integrations 

October 2018

Mobile app

September 2018

Owner portal

Bandeja de entrada

  • New search bar widget for browsing your messages.
  • New message filter - filter guest conversations by reservation status or by check-in/out selected dates.
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  • New 'Double Booking' notification - clicking on the notification will take you to the listing's calendar, directly to the month of the double booking.
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August 2018

Límite de noches

  • New Feature - allows you to automatically block your calendar according to an annual limit.
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Booking Website


  • Can be assigned as "unassigned"


  • Can now be filtered by "unassigned"
  • Added new columns:
    • next planned arrival time
    • reservation source
    • (actual) start time of a task
  • Can be shared with people outside of your phonebook

Task app - BETA

  • New UI
  • Easier to see and approve tasks assigned to you and take a task assigned to your team.
  • See completed and canceled tasks for same day.
  • See number of current guests as well as previous and next guests.
  • See a listing's amenities.
  • Clicking on the address automatically opens Google Map for easier navigation
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  • Turn on your notification to receive notification about:
    • Reservations cancellations and alterations,
    • Payment failures
    • Updates from channels
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July 2018

Channel Commissions

  • New feature - provides the ability to set, calculate and report on channel commission fee for each reservation.
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  • New UI.
  • Moved to Listing > Financials.
  • Added account level markups. (Account > System Settings > Markups)
  • Added markups for Airbnb and Agoda.
  • Deprecate fixed Markups functionality.
  • Updated calculation for markups:
    • Old calculation:
      10% Markup on $100 equals to $111.1.
    • New calculation:
      10% Markup on$100 equals to $100.


Markups Value Migration

  • Only applies on existing Markups (Booking.com direct and Booking Website).
    Note: Booking Website and Manual reservations will share a markup value.No changes to
  • Current prices in Booking.com or the Booking Website - only the Markup value will change.
    For example:
    • Old settings are:
      Markup = 10%, base price = $100, Extra Person Fee = $0. Nightly rate = $111.1
    • New settings are:
      Markup = 11.1%, base price =$100, Extra Person Fee = $0, Nightly rate = $111.1
  • Help Center Article


Markups Account Settings Migration

  • Account level Markup values are equal to the most common existing values in the account.
  • Por ejemplo:
    • if the existing common values for Booking.com are 22% and for Booking Website 18% then these will be the account level Markup values.
    • If an existing Markups value is different than the account level Markups - then the “Use account settings” will be off. Otherwise, it’s automatically on.


Porcentaje de beneficio

  • New UI.
  • Listing settings moved to Listing > Financials.
  • Account settings location has not changed.
  • Added “Owner’s Revenue” formula.
  • Added the ability to retroactively apply changes. (Listing & Account)
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Upcoming Integrations


Help Center

  • New Design
  • Improved Search Bar
  • Popular Searches
  • Home Screen
  • Side navigation
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