Getting your staff to use Guesty

If you are managing a business with more than one staff member, you probably want to grant different permissions and tasks to each of your Guesty account users. For example, a homeowner might need access to update only his listing's calendar and a cleaner would need to have basic information regarding each one of his assigned reservations.  For those reasons, we have created very useful and easy-to-use tools.

Users Roles and Permissions
  1. Add a new user
  2. Give the new user a role
  3. When having a few users, it is easier managing them by tagging them.


Auto-tasks and Manual Tasks


The Autotask feature is used for any tasks which you want to schedule automatically such as cleaning right after every check-out or an in-person key exchange for your guests at check-in, or yet another option would be to create an auto task for each beginning or end of a given Rental Period.

Create your Auto-tasks

Manual tasks

La tarea manual se usa como una tarea puntual para un miembro asignado del personal (p. ej., hay una fuga en un inodoro y tiene que venir el fontanero). Una vez que la tarea ha terminado, no hay necesidad de repetirla.

Create a new manual task

Portal de los propietarios

The Owners Portal is a special website, separate from the Guesty Dashboard, where your property owners can visit to view data about their properties, earnings, and more.




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