Booking Website FAQs

Can I use my own domain - not

Yes, you can set up your own domain in order to white-label your website.

How do I know if I get a reservation or inquiry through my Booking Website?

You will be notified in three ways:

  1. An email will be sent to the email address that you set up under the Booking Website configuration.
  2. You will receive a message in your Guesty Inbox if the reservation includes a message from the visitor.
  3. A notification will show in your Guesty dashboard if you have them turned on.
How do I show the Terms, Conditions or Cancellation policy for my Booking Website?

You can set up them up in the configuration dashboard of your Guesty Booking Website under Terms, Conditions & Cancellation Policy.

Your policy will be linked in the footer of your website, and in an additional link when your guest is on the last step of booking a reservation.

Are Guesty automated messages sent to guests?

Yes, all automated messages are compatible with the Guesty Booking Website.

How does the payment processing work on my Booking Website?

If you have a Stripe account integrated with Guesty you can set up your Booking Website as Instant Inquiries and receive credit card details when guests make a reservation. How to collect payments is up to you; set AutoPayments or collect your payment manually for each reservation.

I don’t have a Stripe account, can I still use the Booking Website?

Yes, you can. You will need to manually charge the guest via an external payment processor, receive a bank transfer or collect the payment in cash. Also, inquiries will have to be confirmed manually.

How many websites can I have?

You can have as many websites as you wish, with different domains, different listings and different customizations for each one.

Can I choose specific listings to be shown on a website?

Yes, for each website you can choose which listings to include or which ones to exclude. By default, all listed listings are included.

Are unlisted listings shown on the booking website?

No, only listed listings are shown.

Are taxes set up in Guesty displayed on the website?

Yes, all your taxes set up in Guesty (under the financials tab of each listing) are reflected on your Booking Website.

What is the Email Marketing checkbox in the Reservation page?

This checkbox will appear when your guest is booking a reservation or making an inquiry. It allows your guests to consent, or not, to receive marketing content from you according to GDPR laws. You can access this information from the Guest Book.