Rentals United Integrations - overview and set up


Rentals United is Guesty’s channel manager partner. As a channel manager, Rentals United allow you to distribute your Guesty listings to multiple booking channels.

You can connect each Guesty listing to multiple booking channels. This allows you to use Guesty features across all booking channels.

Once you're connected to Rentals United, you can choose which booking channels you want to use in the Rentals United dashboard.


Find out how to connect your listings to Rentals United in this article

Guesty will send to Rentals United all of your listing content, pricing and availability information and Rentals United will provide Guesty with each reservation created for your listings.

Real-Time connection: The Guesty and Rentals United connection is a real-time connection, which means that Guesty updates the availability and prices of your listing every time any change is performed.

For example: once a reservation is confirmed on your listing, Guesty will block that reservation dates across all the channels your listing is connected to.

Once connected to any channel via Rentals United, they will have the same login email that was defined when integrating Guesty with Rentals united. 


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