Coupons FAQs

How are Coupons discounts calculated?

Coupon discounts are percentage based and they are applied to the accommodation fare. Accommodation fare is composed of base night pricing, additional guest charges, and weekly/monthly discounts.

Cleaning fees and taxes are excluded from these calculations.

Are coupons stackable?

No, you can create as many coupons as you want and you can be at peace that guests won’t be able to combine them all into one. Each booking website reservation can have only one coupon applied to it. However, weekly/monthly discounts set up in the listing’s financial tab are combined.

How do I delete a coupon?

For traceability purposes, coupon codes cannot be deleted. Of course, you can disable the coupon if you no longer want guests to use it.

How do I disable a coupon?
  1. Go to Account > System settings > Websites > Edit Website > Coupons.
  2. Click on the coupon you would like to disable.
  3. Click on the Active toggle button
  4. Once the coupon is disabled is should read Disabled and guests cannot redeem it.
How can I see which reservations were booked with a coupon?

In order to see which reservation was booked with a coupon, you can go to the Reservations tab in the dashboard and add a coupon filter. You can filter by all reservation with a coupon or by a specific coupon.

You can also see which coupon was applied in the Financials tab per Reservation

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